Time and the Conways

by J. B. Priestley 2015 


Costume Designer

Directed by Karl Hibbert 
Set Design by Eleanor Pollock 
AUB Studio Theatre presented by Arts University Bournemouth. 



“The playwright J B Priestly always thought Time and the Conways, based on an exploration of time, past and present, was his best play. The play explores the transition in time between 1919, just after the First World War, and 1937 the period leading up to the start of the Second World War. 


The hopes and dreams of the young and optimistic Conway family in 1919 set the family on a journey through time and space where their vision or dreams and aspirations for the future are revealed. 


Early discussions about the play with designers, makers and the cast confirmed how relevant the play was to their own positive and personal situations her at AUB, at the time acknowledging the fractured and at times catastrophic and disturbing events that seem to happen, locally and internationally, on a daily basis. 


It has been a privilege to work with all the students and staff who have contributed their experience, skills, enthusiasm, imagination and support to this production. It has been a tremendous collaborative process.  


As Carol says towards the end of the play ‘The point is to live. Never mind about money and positons and husband with titles and rubbish, I’m going to live’”. 



Karl Hibbert.

Time and the Conways Costume Designs
Mrs Conway [Act 1 and 3]
Kay Conway [Act 1 and 2]
Hazel Beever [Act 2]
Alan Conway [Act 2]

Costume Designs

[This was the very first time I drew a design digitally.]

Act 1: Madge and Hazel
Act 1: Carol Conway
Act 1: Alan Conway
Act 1: Kay Conway
Act 1: Mrs Conway and Kay
Hazel,Robin,Mrs Conway,Kay and Carol
Act 1: Joan Helford
Act 1: Carol and Hazel
Transition: Kay and Carol
Transition: Robin Conway
Act 2: Kay and Alan.
Act 2: Kay and Hazel
Act 2: Hazel Beevers.
Act 2: Joan Conway
Act 2: Madge Conway
Act 2: Mrs Conway
Act 2
Act 2: Madge, Alan and Gerald
Act 2: Joan and Ernest
2nd Transition: Carol Conway
Act 3: Robin Conway
Act 3: Carol and Ernest
Act 3: Gerald and Madge
Act 3
Act 3:Hazel, Mrs Conway, Joan, Robin