Me and  Monster

Student Short Film

COSTUME/CREATURE DESIGNER for the monster Rufus. 

Directed by Jasmin Crowther 
Monster maker: Amy Healy 
Horns made by: Lyddia Green 
Make-up artist: Kate Wakefield 
Monster Actor: Lyddia Green. 


Set in the present day Sweden, a family man and his 13 year old daughter Robyn; move out of the city to an apartment in the open countryside. However, it may appear that the apartment is not deserted after all. 


A dysfunctional family, where the father is unable to show affection to his daughter, Rufus comes into their lives and forms a genuine friendship that may bring the family back together.

Costume Design: Rufus
Costume Design: Rufus [Profile]
Clay Sculpture: Rufus
Creature concept sketches
Creature concept colour schemes