Peacock Warrior

'A warrior who protects the ancient clans and his species high up in dense humid jungle.'


The concept of this character was initially inspired by Murugan a Hindu God of War/Victory using Indian/Sri Lankan armoury and culture. The Hindu God was the son of Shiva who was born to destroy a demon called Taraka. Known for carrying a spear called a Vel and mounting a peacock.


In order to inject a touch of realism, the texture of the armour was designed to reflect the wear and tear of living in a damp environment; making reference to corroded statues that hibernate in the rain forest. His armour is inspired from other cultural Asian items such as architecture and clothing, including him wearing a ‘dhoti’, a traditional men's garment.

Software used:

 ZbrushMarvelous DesignerMaya, Marmoset Toolbag 3.0Quixel Suite 2.0, Substance Painter and Photoshop.

Texture maps
High Poly - Zbrush
Low Polygon Wireframe

Initially this character was going to be represented as a male warrior, with features that would highlight details and accessories of Indian/Sir Lankan armoury and with relation to the story of the almighty who disguises himself as a peacock. Designing a costume, that gives the height and appearance of a peacock, I looked up references of the Fawn, a character in the film ‘Pan's Labyrinth’ featuring an actor who wore a special stilted costume, covering his legs in green cloth to disappear in CGI. There were other leg enhancements such as the ‘Bionic Boot’ that gave the ability to run very fast.


However, due to its complexity and upon discovering that Murugan was a figure mounted on a peacock, I decided to give the concept a twist and allow the peacock to be the main lead.


Earlier Model

This was my first attempt of the character which I wasn't satisfied with. Here I have reconstructed some of the feature showing the transition from the past few months and showing how much I have grown and improved through this character.


Idle Animations - Maya