Set in the 17th Century, the story takes places of twins, brother and sister who live on the outskirts of the Ottoman Empire. They are at the beginning of Battle for the Prosperous with Europe led by the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth defending their lands from the Continent of Asia lead by Japan lead by the Emperor of the Samurai. Whilst very young the armies invaded their land and were abducted from both sides becoming separate leaving only a piece of a brooch that their deceased parents gave them. With the boy taken back to Europe and his sister taken back to Japan, both grow up to become the finest and most skilful warriors across the land. They however lose their own first names and become obsessed with view that their opposite country is responsible for the loss of his/her siblings. Jan Kartal, the heroic cavalryman and Tomoe Kartal, the ruthless samurai, will never know that they will one day face each other in battle as mortal enemies.


I have created an art concept of the design collection of the main characters and their companions in fully armour uniform, studying the fashion of the Japanese Samurai and the Polish Hussar army with slight influences of other European armour. The setting and story will be formatted in a realistic as well as fantasy format with the female free to have the right to fight. I will also design the accessories on the horses as there are detailed designs that are important for the Polish Hussar cavalry and for the samurai dress code. It would also seem fitting to study their environments and locations as it is important to make their stories believable with only a hint of fantasy.

Warriors of the Rising Dawn

[Nov 2015 - Jan 2016]


Warriors of the Rising Dawn

Jan Kartal


Jan Kartal the remaining lost sibling is a Hussar cavalry officer called the towarzysz. One of the most admirable and respected Hussars in the company, Jan will do anything to serve the kingdom and protect his comrades, to the point that his servants in return had never left his side. Despite his bravery and masterful skills on the kopia, he has a terrible fear of reptiles and insects.

Warriors of the Rising Dawn

Jan’s secondary outfit

When not wearing his armour, it was considered very important to dress to the standard of his ranking. The more successful a hussar becomes, the more payment they are rewarded with thus enabling them to afford expensive garments in high quality material. 

Warriors of the Rising Dawn
t costume
T samurai helment

Tomoe Kartal


Tomoe Kartal the other remaining sibling and is a notorious Samurai known for her brute strength and skill. Like Jan Kartal, she too is an officer, leading specialized troops into battle. Tomoe has a hard struggle overcoming prejudices for being a women trying to move up the ranks of the Samurai. With her sheer determination and immense training, she becomes one of the very few female Samurai warriors to exist in Japan. Despite her cold and intimidating exterior, she secretly has a soft spot for her female workers. 

Tomoe’s secondary outfit.

As part of the bushido code (the way of the warrior), clothing was important as it shows a sense of nobility and respect. It is also necessary to carry two swords the katana and the wakizashi as each accessory for samurai is also a tool. Not wearing them correctly will lead to great dishonour.

Warriors of the Rising Dawn
Warriors of the Rising Dawn

Sztylet Kartal

[Supporting Character]

Sztylet is another Hussar cavalry officer and is also Jan's wife. She is more welcomed into the army than the women in Japan, winning their trust through her boyish nature and humour. Loud and competitive, she is fully aware of how the horrors of war affects people and looks out for her comrades keeping up their spirits. She only fights when it is necessary.

Warriors of the Rising Dawn
rajmund costume

Weapons for both characters.


[Supporting Character] 

Rajmund is a Pacholik, the lowest ranking of the Hussars and a degrading one of that. Only seen as a servant, Rajmund has a strong hatred for the comrades around him and has been the butt of many jokes. However the only friend he trusts is his leader Jan Kartal as he treats him as an equal. Rajmund looks up to him and in return is determined to work hard to become a towarzysz himself. His greatest strength is his knowledge, studying old books on strategies that belonged to his deceased grandfather. Through his clever tactics and survival instincts, Jan begins to trust him as his tactician often putting his life on the line based on his advice. 

Warriors of the Rising Dawn


[Supporting Character]


In 17th century Japan, the Sōhei also known as the warrior monks are a dying race in the country due to differences of religion with the Emperor. Hiei is one of the last few remaining Sōhei. Though content with his life and by nature not violent, he is considered one of the most deadly warriors in the land. Many have tried to kill him in the past but to no avail, no one questions him and  he is respected by all as a man of wisdom. He is still strong with his beliefs but with the Sōhei soon to be extinct, he wishes to at least keep the Sōhei’s teachings alive. Thus he becomes Tomoe’s mentor. Teaching and raising her from a young age, he instructs her how to use his most valuable weapon the naginata. Hiei fights by her side giving her guidance and strategies during battle.

Warriors of the Rising Dawn


[Supporting character] 

Though young, she is feisty and rude. With the exception of the Samurai she fears the male warriors. having been abused during her childhood, suffering the condition of Misandry [hatred of men]. She is Tomoe’s servant and is eager to train with her to become a Samurai herself. Though it is against the bushido code to interact with servants, Tomoe see her as a little sister and both become very close through the years.

Warriors of the Rising Dawn

Historical Design of the 17th century.

jan horse 1
jan horse 2
Jan Kartal's Weapons
Sztylet's Weapons
Rajmund's Weapons
Tomoe Kartal's Weapons
Hiei's Weapons
Nanko's Weapons

Character's Weaponry


Full Concept Page

Main Characters

Jan Kartal Concept Design
Tomoe Kartal Concept Design

Environmental Concept
Each picture was made within 1 and a half days. "They were hand drawn and then edited using Photoshop.


 Europe: Countryside . Kingdom City . Royal castle.


 Japan: Village . Sōhei's Temple . Emperor's Castle.

European Countryside
European Kingdom City
European Royal Castle
Japanese Village
Japanese Sōhei's Temple
Japanese Emperor's Castle

Concept Ideas and Extras

h village
h town
h town 2
h castle
j garden
j garden 1
s village house
s village
j village
j temple
j temple 1
Jan Kartal fcae